Bodily Fluids, Mafia Haunt TwitteratiA San Franciscan unintentionally witnessed a sort of in-car tune up; a j-schooler scheduled a sit-down with a reputed mobster and a lady in fur left a bathroom in terrible shape. The Twitterati were traumatized.

Bodily Fluids, Mafia Haunt TwitteratiShopping blogger Maggie Mason was not in the market for a happy ending, you two.

Bodily Fluids, Mafia Haunt TwitteratiHunter Walker, the media blogger-turned-j-schooler, is determined to tackle the more advanced source relations lessons. Pro tip: Avoid using the word "hit piece" with this guy.


Bodily Fluids, Mafia Haunt TwitteratiMacworld's Heather Kelly livened up an everyday "what I'm snacking on" tweet with a crucial dash of creepy.

Bodily Fluids, Mafia Haunt TwitteratiVideo blogger Molly McAleer may have been converted into one of those activists who hurls bodily fluids at fur-wearing ladies.


Bodily Fluids, Mafia Haunt TwitteratiStudio execs are the appetizer, Clooney is the dessert. Just another lesson in Hollywood dinner etiquette from film blogger Kristopher Tapley.

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