What better way to get back at the network that had no faith in you than by making fun of it on its own airwaves. Last night, Tina finally got her revenge.

That's right, if the network had no faith in her when she was just a writer at Saturday Night Live who wanted to take over Weekend Update, now is the time that she's turning the knife in their side. Just watch.

"She's just a writer with zero performing experience." Good thing no one listens to those idiots at the network, because if Lorne Michaels never put her on the air, we never would have gotten 30 Rock, and then there wouldn't be even one show worth watching on the network.

Just as putting Tina on air was a great idea, putting Liz Lemon on air is an inversely horrible idea. Everyone knows this, even Jack. However, he is willing to see his cost-cutting experiment through to the end, and he has to do it without losing money. It may be reaching a little bit, but this smacks of The Jay Leno Show. Everyone thinks this bastard brainchild of studio heads is going to be a legendary catastrophe but the bullheaded network goes through with it anyway, thinking it can make some money. And what happens? Well, disaster.

Also a bit of a mess was Tracy, and this week he was trying to win Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony awards—even if he has to steal them from Whoopi Goldberg (one of only ten people to accomplish the feat).

Sure the joke might have been made at Whoopi's expense for her Daytime Emmy (she actually has two) win for The View, but the joke wasn't really on her. Oh, speaking of The View, Sherri Shepherd was on last night too. She's also a cohost on Barbara Walter's daytime reach around. Wait, what channel is that on? Oh, ABC! Way to give another network all that free advertising. They better write Kathie Lee Gifford into an upcoming episode or the network isn't going to buy Tina Fey's ham anymore.

Speaking of Ms. Fey, she was on fire last night. The shoot for her Dealbreakers opening credits had nothing to do with NBC, but if looking good is the best revenge, then being hysterical is sure a close second. Enjoy!