A Brit got "pissed;" a Chicago Tribuner made it a double; and Mark Glaser stumbled over bums. The Twitterati were not finding sobriety.

Given the celebratory tone of her prior tweet, we're guessing writer Louise Bolton meant "pissed" in the traditional British sense. At least she made the last train! Otherwise she might have gotten additionally pissed.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic, the Chicago Tribune's Michael Hawthorne was just getting his own winter celebration started.

Oh look: almost all of the most annoying rich young people are concentrated in one city! It's finally to safe to go to all those restaurants and clubs you probably don't go to anyway. Ain't winter grand?

PBS' Mark Glaser misses the days where you only had to worry about running into drunken beggar journalists in the streets. It seems like that was only several weeks ago, doesn't it?

Amid all the Friday drunkenness, VentureBeat's Dean Takahashi reminded everyone to get their heads sober and straight before going on camera. Looking at you, CNBC.

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