Is everyone tired of sex? Tiger might be. Politicians definitely aren't, and neither are Tay². Hopefully, Jeter's is worth it. Paul Anka obviously is. Here's your Saturday Night open thread. Oh, and as for me?

I'm just tired of writing about it. Jesus. That Tiger post was exhausting. Maybe we should just stop caring about the sex other people are having, and just have our own sex. Fuckit, right? Right. A few exciting announcements.

1. We'll be announcing the winner of the Sarah Palin SlamBook shortly. Stay tuned.

2. One of the commenter ranks, who is especially good about putting in his all on the weekends—The Personthing Formerly Known As MattChew03, Mr. Matt Cherette—has now pitched in a few posts at Gawker.TV. Congratulations, Matt! Everyone, go check out his stuff and then go cheer him on.

3. The guys who I got my blogging start with, Young Manhattanite, took over Deadspin for the day, and yes, I pitched one in. It was a pretty good time; go check it out.

4. I kinda sabotaged/terrorized a live webcast of Mediaite's over the week. Heh. Fast-forward to 48:45 for the part when I rock the joint to plug the charity book auction. Good times.

Aaaaand that's it. Altarcations at 2:30, I have no idea what I'm going to write tomorrow. I'm exhausted. I don't think Rivers Cuomo was actually tired of having sex when he recorded this song. But he was probably tired of doing thirty takes of recording the song, nahmean? Right. I need a beer. G'night! See you in the comments.