James Perry is a former Eagle Scout and nonprofit executive who is running for mayor of New Orleans. In a new campaign ad, Perry enlists some angry friends to comment on the "insidery" nature of the race. Bleeps galore, ahead!

Attention-getting stunts aside, is this really the most effective campaign ad? Perry talks about making five major changes in his first five days as mayor, but only mentions two in the ad. And the second one—to cut the murder rate in New Orleans by 40%—sounds more like a four-year promise than a five-day one. Although, the fact that reducing the city's murder rate is a big campaign issue in the first place just serves as a grim reminder of how bad things still are in the Big Easy.

Good luck, Mr. Perry. Because if one thing is evident here, it's that you know how to make an entertaining campaign ad, and we can't help but f*ckin' love you for that.

[Via YouTube]