Should this be so surprising? Bullock dyes her hair blonde, stars in an uplifting film about underprivileged youth and sports, and scores a number one hit—finally busting New Moon out of the top box office slot.

It took two weeks, but "The Blind Side" won this weekend with $129.3 million cumulative box office take, compared to "New Moon"'s $15.7. (As entertainment writers would say: It "stabbed a stake" in the vampire flick or something.) Sure, "Blind Side" has sparked scattered racism charges, and Bullock has—as our own Richard Rushfield so aptly put it—"made more bombs than the Krupp Army Works. But it looks like whatever made her a star in the first place is still there, and still baffling. [THR]

Taylor Lautner's life continues to be better than ours: Deadline has confirmed that the muscle-bound Twilight star has been cast as the lead in Paramount's upcoming Max Steel, about a boy with superhuman powers. Lautner is 17 and is set to be the next big action star in the Cruise/LeBouf mode. Also: He has an eight-pack. Do you have an 8-pack? [Deadline]

•From a young movie hunk to a detective named "Monk" (see how we did that!): After eight seasons, the USA comedy "Monk" has ended. The series finale drew 9.4 million viewers, making it basic cable's number one hourlong series. Now what show will we have a constant but vague awareness of? [THR]

•The brother-brother "Late Show" team of Eric and Justin Stangel have been promoted to executive producers after 9 years of being co-head writers. We once heard an interview with the bros. Stangel where they talked about their first comedy writing job sending jokes into SNL's "Weekend Update" via fax and they never got accepted. So, congrats! [Variety]

•TNT is remaking the hit 70s/80s series "Dallas". It might include the original stars reprising their roles. Patrick Duffy (Bobby), Larry Hagman (J.R.) and Linda Gray (Sue Ellen.). INSERT LAME JOKE ABOUT THEM BEING OLD HERE. [THR]