The annual Heathen War on Christmas is in full swing. Sexxxy cat woman Andrea Peyser has identified the key perpetrators: "Lawyers & jerks." But Andrea Peyser has also found Christian Christmas' savior: some shouty little kid.

Did you know the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is officially not reserved for Christians, language-wise? Did you know, in fact, that it may be referred to in official documents at "The Tree" rather than "The Christmas Jesus Tree," because NBC is in thrall of secular humanist Hitlers and other Jeffrey Dahmer-like characters? Well. Andrea Peyser found one brave young Christian soldier who will not take it any more:

Justin Gould, 8, of New Jersey, was cheeky about the omission.

"Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!" the boy cried.

Merry Christmas! That is, until the lawyers get their say.

Justin Gould was promptly nailed to a cross by the ACLU.
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