The following videos are quite the spectacle to behold. They were all filmed using tilt-shift photogaphy or as it's also known, "miniature faking." Enjoy!

Whatcha gonna do brother? The WWF never looked so cute!

Hong Kong
A huge city becomes a tiny world in this video shot in Hong Kong and Lamma island.

East Side of Los Angeles on a Sunny Day
L.A loses its glitz and glamour from this perspective. If you squint you can almost see "The Hills" being filmed.

Mardis Gras
Sydney Australia's Mardis Gras seems like one big orgy in the streets . Viewed in a tilt shift video it looks like an orgy for polly pocket.

Lilliputian Day
Everyday buldings and activities look positively adorable and surreal.

Thom Yorke "Harrowdown Hill"
Thom Yorke of Radiohead fame used the Tilt shift technique to make a strangely haunting video for his song " Harrowdown Hill" [via]

Toy World
Views from above making the world seem strangely alien.

Origin II
Queensland and New South Wales compete in what looks like a Foosball table come to life.