What are you watching tonight? Let us know in the comments.

[Photo by Diana Levine.]

Mike's Watching:
Million Dollar Listing
(Bravo, 10pm) Season finale! Every episode is the exact same. Will they sell this eccentric house to an eccentric person? Maybe! Will they be a giant douche in the process? Definitely.

Whitney's Watching:
How I Met Your Mother
(8pm, CBS) I'm on a complete HIMYM kick since I've started re-watching from Season 1 again. This week it returns after a week-long hiatus guest-starring cute-as-a-button Joanna Garcia as Ted' new love interest.

Gossip Girl (9pm, CW) I plan on watching because last week's Thanksgiving episode was so juicy (did it again). This week's episode centers around Chuck's struggle to get past his father's passing, so I guess we get to see his nice side once again?

Matt's Watching:
World's Strictest Parents
(MTV, 9pm) Tonight's episode features a "hardworking" Utah family that takes in two spoiled, entitled kids and tries to straighten them out. No word yet on whether Bill Paxton or Chloë Sevigny will make a guest appearance.

Million Dollar Listing (Bravo, 10pm) It's the season finale, so obviously I have to watch. I also want to see the big showdown between Chad and Josh. Here's to hoping Chad's bowl cut falls victim to their scuffle.

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