Bravo producers attempted to get a big blow up for the finale of Million Dollar Listing last night. All they ended up with was two silly manboys in construction hats verbally sparring about puppies.

The three agents, Madison, Josh, and Chad, all ended up working on a construction project for Habitat for Humanity together. What a great coincidence! And while Madison just let his sparkly teeth and sleeveless shirt do the talking, Josh wanted to let bygones be bygones with Chad. They've been bickering ALL season. Josh threatened to throw Chad's rat/dog into a pool, and Chad threatened to remove his hair and beat Josh to death with it. So all signs pointed to a western-like throwdown with pistols at dawn when Josh asked Chad to step outside. The ensuing argument was the physical equivalent of wussified hand-slapping.

It's hard to manufacture anger between two people that are barely convincing as human beings.