Today at Gawker.TV, awkward on-air silences our favorite TV News anchors, Tiger Woods on the Bob Hope Show, yet another bad Nic Cage movie trailer, an engagement proposal on The Biggest Loser, and how women should properly handle their firearms.

Before He Banged 10 Different Mistresses Tiger Woods was a Kid Prodigy on The Bob Hope Show
Here is a retro video of Tiger Woods appearing on The Bob Hope Show over 30 years ago. A much simpler, less cheaty, car crashy, and tabloid conjecturey time for Tiger.

Awkward Silences on TV News are the Only Chance the Viewer Has to Get Away
24-hour news networks are about filling time with non-stop rambling. Sometimes it would be nice if they were just calm and quiet for one second. Well here is a full zen-like minute of awkward silences to help gather one's thoughts.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice Trailer Looks Like Another Excuse for Nicolas Cage to Have Long Hair
Is Nic Cage just toying with us? Is his life just one gigantic practical joke on the moviegoing public? The first official trailer for The Sorcerer's Apprentice simply reaffirms how awful he is.

Women and Guns: A Tutorial
An intruder breaks into a woman's house; she calls for assistance. Does she have a gun? OF COURSE SHE HAS A GUN, STUPID. It's just her feeble female brain can't use it unless she's shooting it in the kitchen. HELP!

A Weighty Proposal on The Biggest Loser Finale
Things took a turn from fat-and-bulging bodies to a young-and-budding romance when two Biggest Loser contestants got engaged during tonight's season finale.