Good news, near-suicidal media executives: Expert forecasters say ad spending will rise next year! Two caveats: Print media will still plummet. And, the expert forecasters barely have any idea what they're doing.

2009 will probably end up being the worst ad spending year "in decades," Stuart Elliott reports. But hope is on the horizon! Experts see a positive 2010! How positive?

Oh they really have no idea. The following forecasts were offered by various experts at the UBS Media conference:

Ad increase, 2010: 0.8%, 0.9%, 3.9%, 5.9% . (A 700% range in forecasts!)
How 2009 will compare with 2008: -6.6%, -9.6%, -10.2%, -15%.

So within a staggeringly broad, unscientific range, you can all feel confident.
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