Awkward, unexplained live television moments—a la Spaghetti Cat—have been popping up a lot recently. Last month, it was Miss Piggy on Dancing with the Stars. Tonight, we present a plethora of WTF, courtesy of Larry King Live.

On tonight's live broadcast, Larry King returned from commercial and began to ask guest Penn Jillette a question about the health care reform debate. King also seemed to be slurring his words, in a possible homage to colleague Anderson Cooper. Before King could finish his question, however, the screen cut to an empty room in the studio, and a grey chair awkwardly stared the viewer down for a good 15 seconds. Then, it cut back to Jillette, who blurted out two words before Vonage took over the screen. And...scene! Watch below.

It's too bad this didn't happen last night, because it would have been a perfect addition to the growing list of awkward live TV moments.