As usual, Barbara Walters' "Most Fascinating People of the Year" special wrongly assumed public fascination with a person somehow confers on them the quality of being fascinating. What was most fascinating were Walters' funny faces when she talked about sexuality.

Barbara Walters named Michelle Obama this year's most fascinating wife of Barack Obama, who they obviously were not able to book on the show—er, person. Yawn. What really tickled us was Walters' prurient fascination with the scandalous sexual practices of two of her young honorees.

Here is Barbara Walters talking to Lady Gaga about her sapphic reputation on tonight's show:

Barbara is so concerned!

Gaga's mysterious and exotic sexuality only landed her at the 10th most fascinating person of 2009.

But Adam Lambert's full-on gayness pushed him all the way to number 5. Here is Barbara's adorable introduction to her interview with Adam Lambert:

And here is part of her interview, where she wonders if Lambert's gayness marks "the end of the world":

We can only hope that Walters is channeling the old ladies who must make up the bulk of the "Most Fascinating Person of the Year's" audience: Such a nice young boy... but did you know he is gay!? Fascinating.

Next year it's just going to be "The Most Fascinating Queers of 2010".