Page Six report, via Popeater, that Playgirl may have made a loss on the not-quite-naked Levi Johnston photoshoot .

An 'insider' told Popeater that:

Nowhere near enough people paid the $19.95 [online fee] to cover the reported $150,000 the fading brand paid the Alaskan hunk to go rogue.

That figure is a lot higher than anything we've reported. Our best guess is Playgirl paid Levi around $25,000 plus a cut of the revenues. So this could, of course, be part of Richard Johnson's vendetta against Johnston for snubbing him at the Fleshbot awards. A spokesperson for Playgirl told P6 that:

Between the hours of 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. the morning the shoot went live on, we had already surpassed all daily sign-up records. For the amount we paid, not $150,000, we were astounded at how well it has gone for us. In terms of sheer publicity, it has been worth millions.

In terms of sheer publicity? That may be an accounting term for 'who's going to pay almost $20 to see those pictures'?