Women don't always know they're pregnant. Babies fall out of them all the time, at really inopportune moments—grocery shopping, making coffee, vacuuming, on blind dates, whatever. The re-enactments of these births really drive home the awkward, unexpected pain.

This week? A woman had a baby, and then two months later another baby starts falling out of her vagina while she is in the bathroom. Oh, and the acting in these re-enactments puts America's Most Wanted to shame.

The second woman's story was a more of a return to normalcy in the world of wacky, unexpected births. On April Fool's Day, a woman starts getting cramps. She thinks she has to take a reallllly big shit, but—April Fools!!—It's a living baby!

Just look at the actor's face who plays the paramedic at the 8 second mark. That's what 100K in student loans and four years at Juliard buys, people.