In your frigid Thursday media column: Editorial turnover at Ad Age, Mediaite invites people more famous and attractive than you to their soiree, journalists prepare to forage, and Sarah Palin's only a few steps from the 99-cent store.

Big editorial shake up at Ad Age: Top editor Jonah Bloom is leaving to become CEO and editor in chief of Breaking Media, the blog network that publishes Above The Law, DealBreaker, and others. Ad Age senior editor Matt Creamer is going with him, to become a top editor at Breaking Media. Ad Age's new executive editor is Abby Klaassen, who was digital editor.

Mediaititititie had a party. A fancy party! At The Plaza! Look at all these pictures of the party. There are many famous people there. The less famous people there are attractive! It sure ain't our party. But as we always tell ourselves, "Unattractive people make up for it by being smarter, that's what my mom said."

Nieman Journalism Lab writes an entire article about what journalists will be "fighting about in 2010" and leaves off the most obvious thing: scraps of bread.

Amazon has dropped the price of Sarah Palin's book to a mere $7.99. The liberal media is trying to spin this as another battle in the "Book Price Wars," but plainly Sarah Palin wants to be able to tell her readers that her book is now only half the cost of Lowrey's Bacon Curls Microwave Pork Rinds. (Their favorite food because they're so dumb). (Not classist).