World stand-up comedy today was greeted with news that should make the hard-working comedians of the world very nervous. Pauly Shore is now one lawsuit away getting his fingers on the trigger of Hollywood's most celebrated venue, the Comedy Store.

Since Totally Pauly first terrorized audiences back in the 80's, looming over his entire career was the specter that this young man's style of stoner-goofy might have consequences far beyond just his own act. Pauly Shore came to prominence not just as a novelty act in his own right, but as the Prince Hal of comedy; son and heir to Mitzi Shore, owner of the the Sunset Strip's famed Comedy Store which has launched the career of decades of giants.

History however, will note the intervention of a benevolent god which saved the universe from this fate, in bestowing upon Mr. and Mrs. Shore a second son, Peter, who, as the suit reveals, has stood as a bulwark between Pauly and world comedy domination. The suit provides a fascinating glimpse into the strife and discord roiling the first family of hack comedy.

The Hollywood Reporter has details of the suit, filed by Pauly against his brother Peter, "alleging Pauly was improperly removed from the family company's board of directors and suggesting possible elder abuse of their ill mother, Mitzi Shore."

According to the report, Pauly, Peter and Mitzi jointly control the Comedy Store, with Peter serving as CEO. The suit however, alleges that Peter too advantage of Mitzi's ongoing ill-health (she suffers from Parkinson's) to win her vote to remove Pauly from the Store's Board of Directors, and subsequently denying to even fill Pauly in about the company's business. Pauly's suit seeks to overturn his removal from the board, thus restoring him to his rightful role at the forefront of hack comedy.

Future generations will never know the comedy magic they might have known had The Weasel been an only child and been able to remake the trade's most hallowed venue in his image. But to Peter Shore, lovers of comedy everywhere should send their eternal gratitude.