Some people really hate MTV's new reality show masterpiece theater of eight crazy kids sharing a beach house. We like it so much, we want you to watch it with us. Come on in. We made ham!

Now, take off your thong and climb into the live blog hot tub below. The show starts at 10pm Eastern and we will all be leaving our comments below. Leave your funniest reactions in the little box with the "Share" in it and they will appear. It's easier to operate than a duck phone. Keep refreshing the page, so you can see all the jokes and wisdom of your peers. We had a great time last week and while the show is only half as long, it's going to be twice as fun.

Aside from all the OMGs and LOLs and WTFs, here are some other things to keep you occupied while we watch:

  • Nicknames: So far, Angelina=Trash Bags, JWOWW=ShamWOWW, Snooki=Anything that starts with sn- (Snickers, Sneakers, Sneaky, or get creative with your own), and The Situation=The Situation (really, can we improve on that?). That means we still need something to call Sammie Schweetheart, DJ Paulie D, Ronnie, and Vinny. Give us some suggestions. Every time a successful nickname is given, a guido gets his wings.
  • Lexicon: Help us add to our glossary of terms like "classy," "trashy," and "vibing." If you see something that needs to be defined or have definition to share, let us know. Caution: Any funny definitions may be stolen by Gawker for its recap on Friday morning.
  • Drinking Games: Let us know when you think everyone should drink. Every time someone says "classy?" Every time there is a fight? Every time Trash Bags tries to cock block someone? Every time The Situation says "the situation?" Maybe the boys drink when we see that crappy body spray commercial and the ladeez drink when we see the Mariah Carey perfume commercial? So many possibilities!
  • Bad T-Shirt Contest: There have got to be some gems on the wall of the Shore Store where the kids work. Keep your eye out for the best ones and share with the group.

Alright, class. That is enough homework for tonight. It's almost time for recess, so let's gather below and wait to get schooled by a fresh episode of Jersey Shore.