Facebook's Brandee Barker set her fight with a Twitter-investing ex Googler to "public;" CNET staff jockeyed for a free street turkey; and Serena Williams got ready for her nail-baring closeup. The Twitterati got scrappy.

Facebook flack Brandee Barker decided to illustrate precisely why some status updates should not be shared with the world: her icy Twitter exchange with Twitter Inc. investor and former Google exec Chris Sacca was enabled and amplified by content shared with "Everyone" — the kind Facebook now advocates. (read from the bottom up).

Staffers at CBS' CNET are stockpiling food, according to tech blogger Caroline McCarthy. So much for this recession's supposed new media exceptionalism.

Lalawag's Sean Percival can tell you first-hand that while Paris might be the romantic "The City of Light," it runs on cold hard cash, same as New York.

Forbes' reporter-turned-code-monkey Taylor Buley let the difference between writing about tech news and writing about tech really sink in.

Serena Williams got her nails done... so she can shove things down your fucking throat! (On television shopping channels.)

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