It will never end. The Muppets were there when you were born. They will be there when you die. And as long as they exist (forever), they will re-create any and every socially relevant song that ever existed.

Ugh. It will never end. The Muppets take something, they "Muppetize" it, and it becomes a viral sensation. We're going to call it "Internet Merchandising." It's the equivalent of slapping Miss Piggy's face on an ashtray, or making Gonzo's nose into a brand of dildo.

On the video's YouTube page, they link to as well as The Muppets' twitter page. The Muppets need a twitter account? Oh, that's right, to promote their stupid re-created internet videos. Ugh, we've had enough.*

*We fully realize the irony of posting the video while simultaneously berating them for making it. So shut up.

[via YouTube]