This week at Gawker.TV, we determined the worst fake accents in movie history, pondered what's actually going on over at Larry King Live, watched Barabara Walters turn and turn during her "Most Fascinating" special, and more!

We enjoyed the awkward silences on live tv, appreciated Michael Bay's use of the 360-degree hero shot, found the real-life version of an SNL skit, collected the best of 30 Rock's Jack Donaghy's Misogynistic lines, laughed at all the losers freaking out over video games, felt our stone-cold hearts melt at the Biggest Loser wedding proposal, we found Snooki's old YouTube channel, some girls didn't know they were pregnant, Diane Sawyer said goodbye to morning television, Perez Hilton was given a smackdown, Snooki and Wendy Williams hung out, and taught you how to join our TV party.

Not too shabby if we say so ourselves. Have a great weekend!