On The Tonight Show this evening, Conan O'Brien invited William Shatner to come out and do a dramatic reading of some excerpts from Sarah Palin's Going Rogue. Then, Palin surprised everyone by showing up and turning the tables on Shatner.

As Shatner finished his delivery of some choice Palinisms to the audience—"Kid Rock is very pro-America; also has common sense ideas," for example—the former Governor of Alaska and failed Vice Presidential candidate appeared on stage, seemingly to Shatner's surprise. Palin then announced that—since Shatner had just made a mockery of her autobiography—it was "only appropriate" that she do the same. Palin then did her own reading of some excerpts from Shatner's book, Up Till Now, all the while leavin' off the last letter of many words, as true rogues tend to do. The entire segment, below.