Remember Bob Geldof's 1984 superstar-stacked "Do They Know It's Christmas?" track released to benefit Live Aid Ethiopia? Everyone was on it. U2, Queen, Phil Collins, Sting, etc. Well, the epic indie rock version is here. And it kicks the original's ass.

That said, I was two months old when the original came out. So maybe I can't relate, OLD PEOPLE. But I do know this: Fucked Up, the kid from Vampire Weekend, Andrew W.K., Bob Mould, Teagan and Sara, GZA, Yo La Tengo, David Cross, Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene, and TV on the Radio's Kyp Malone rock the everloving cocks off of every washed up octogenarian on the original. Except for the guys from Big Country.

For you OLD PEOPLE, I will quickly explain who these mostly YOUNG "HIPSTER" PEOPLE are very quickly:

Fucked Up: Epic loud fat hairy hipsters.
Vampire Weekend: Graceland-obsessed Columbia graduate/N+1 reading hipsters.
David Cross: Comedian hipster.
Yo La Tengo: Original hipsters.
Broken Social Scene: Canadian hipsters.
Bob Mould: Geriatric hipster.
Andrew W.K.: PartyBro rock hipster.
Teagan and Sara: Hot lesbian hipsters.
GZA: Wu-Tang Clan-member, rap deemed safe for consumption by hipsters.
TV On The Radio: Only the best band in the universe, DAD.

Observe. Turn the volume up LOUD because that's how it's supposed to be listened to and you'll need it EXTRA LOUD because your ears don't work anymore:

It's also to benefit three very good Canadian charities working to help victims of domestic violence and you can buy it here on your iTunes store, where people buy MP3s, which are like phonographs but are abstract and still play music. Crazy, huh gramps?

Here. Remember what it was like to feel hope, you sad, pathetic old fart: