Today: we college toured with Harry Potter, celebrated #indierockhanukkah, gifted, and told UTICA to suckit. Finishing a little late, here's your Open Thread. Saturday Night Live is on right now with Taylor Lautner. Commenters, get to it.

That was a night, huh? Tomorrow, Altarcations, whenever. Phyllis Nefler might not file her Times vows column because she's in Florida and might never come back and I don't blame her. Also, she doesn't strike me as the type to have sex with Tiger Woods but really, did any of those nice girls? Exactly.

Also: Happy Hanukkah! And speaking of which (A) what'd you get me for tonight—2/8—and (B) what'd we think of Indie Rock Hanukkah? More tomorrow? Yes. More tomorrow. Because there's never enough indie rock on here. Heh. Have you heard of this band Spoon? Yeah, they're pretty new. You're gonna be pretty cool for knowing who they are. And they have things to say.

Thank you for your continued support of Gawker Weekends. See you guys tomorrow.