Tonight's episode of SNL—hosted by Taylor Lautner—featured a sketch in which Lautner played a foreign exchange student who performed in his middle school's show choir. And, boy's got moves. Some faaaabulous moves, actually. We're just sayin'. *Snaps*

It's show time at North East Middle School, and the Sparkle Players Show Choir takes the stage to negative reactions from the audience full of bullies. That doesn't stop them, however, from belting a few notes and busting some moves on the dance floor. And while the other members of the choir—played by Abby Elliott, Keenan Thompson and Jenny Slate—put out a decent performance, Lautner steals the show, with more gyrating than a Friday night at TigerHeat. Hayyyyy!

The bottom line is this: Lautner's hips don't lie. About what, exactly? We'll let you figure that out on your own. The full sketch, below.