We have got hold of some of the original memos that L. Ron Hubbard passed down in the early days of Scientology — they are still revered today as a foundation for the cult. Today: L. Ron on sex!

The source of these memos refused to reveal how she came across them. But the dates and addresses on the documents correspond to the period when Hubbard had formalised Scientology as a religion and had founded a sinister commune at Saint Hill Manor in East Grinstead in the south of England called the Sea Org — with a hierarchy based on the navy. Which is why Hubbard signs each one as "L. RON HUBBARD COMMODORE" (Capitalization his.)

A little background to help get through the jargon in today's memos. (If we miss anything, there's a fully glossary of the bizarre terms here.) The cult divides its teachings into eight 'dynamics': 1) the self; 2) sex and the family; 3) groups; 4) humankind as a whole; 5) life forms (including animals and plants); 6) the physical universe; 7) the spiritual and 8) infinity. The two documents here come from the Second Dynamic — sex and the family.


The first refers to 'security checks', in which a member is strapped to a fake device called an e-meter and given a sort-of lie detector test. It is often rumoured that the answers they give are filed and used against them if they ever decide to leave the cult. Here's a list of questions, related to sex and marriage, that Hubbard wanted asked of converts when these random tests were administered. Imagine you'd given honest answers to these. What might you do to stop them getting out?

This list was developed in Durban, South Africa. Which chimes with the fact that one of the earliest, most famous and most feared 'sec checks' came from Johannesburg.


The second document is a list of rules as to what levels of affection Scientology's victims can show while in public to avoid 'out-PR' which is the cultish way of saying a bad appearance. No heavy petting, because "the Sea Org is an elite group and therefore have very high and optimal ethical standards," says Hubbard.

Tomorrow: raising children the L. Ron Hubbard Way!