In your special wingnutty Monday media column: Andrew Revkin is leaving the NYT, NPR hires a foreigner, China demonstrates how to keep newspapers in line, and Martha Stewart's still scared of us, and America.

New York Times environmental reporter Andrew Revkin tells CJR he will be taking a buyout (though he hopes to continue writing his NYT blog), confirming earlier rumors. Probably because we now know global warming is a hoax.

At a time when America has lost nearly 90,000 print media jobs in the last year, NPR goes and hires a Canadian as head of its new investigative unit. One, do they even have radio technology in Canada, yet? Two, NPR has always hated America. So.

Chinese propaganda people have demoted a newspaper editor there who did an unauthorized and subsequently censored interview with Obama during his visit there. Kudos to the Chinese for demonstrating how to keep the liberal media under control. (Can you do anything about NPR?)

Here is a story about the promotion of Vanessa Holden to editor of Martha Stewart Living magazine. Conspicuously absent from the story: Any response from Martha Stewart, our archenemy, to our most recent charges against her, namely that she is unpatriotic and "sleeping with the enemy," as it were. Why do you continue to stonewall us, Martha? The American people deserve an answer.