While Anderson Cooper was guest hosting Live with Regis and Kelly, Ripa said, "Anderson was just saying to me, 'I hope I come out.'" Whoa, that can't be true. Anderson loves his closet something fierce!

Actually, the quote seems more like a Freudian slip. When guest Fergie walks onto the set, after a little bit of dancing and lip syncing with Ripa, she sits down and Kelly says, "Anderson, isn't this your dream? Anderson was just saying to me, 'I hope I come out—I hope Fergie comes out to dance with me, because I love to dance.'" Oopsie! She didn't mean to insinuate that, you know, Anderson Cooper is a man who likes men? No, she would never insinuate that. But she must be used to using "Anderson Cooper" and "comes out" in the same sentence, because it sure rolled off her tongue.

For his part, Anderson plays along and says sarcastically, "Yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking." What he's really thinking: "Shut the fuck up, Kelly!"

We don't know which is more gay, Kelly saying that Anderson wants to come out or intimating that his dream is lip syncing with his fag hags and shouting about how he loves the Black Eyed Peas. That sounds like every happy hour at Eastern Bloc, his boyfriend's gay bar.