Venerable old trade mag Editor & Publisher folded last week, cast aside as Nielsen sold off several magazines. But! We hear there's still hope for an E&P resurrection.

E&P is going to publish its January issue and keep its website running through the first of the year. But there's more than that: We hear E&P editor Greg Mitchell has received multiple calls from parties interested in possibly buying the magazine, and that he's working furiously to make some kind of deal happen. Mitchell declined to comment to us, though the magazine said today "a number of outside companies and individuals have expressed interest in possibly keeping E&P going, so stay tuned for updates."

We don't know what exactly a buyer would want to keep from the totality of E&P. The print magazine? Seems doubtful. But the archives and the brand name certainly have some value, and it could *potentially* remain in existence as a website, with a smaller staff. Somebody must stand up to Romenesko's sinister newspaper meta-news monopoly!

[Just kidding Romenesko! We sacrificed a goat to you just this morning!]