While most of us are at work—or let's face it, asleep— a revamped version of Let's Make a Deal hosted by Wayne Brady is being broadcast. And it sure is wacky.

The show has the same premise as it's predecessor—only imagine it amped up on twelve cans of red bull. The audience still dresses up like craziest just set free from the insane asylum, and it involves bartering back and forth with the host for prizes, and of course has it's three mystery doors. The clip below involves a live zebra, an overly-excited Asian man with a blonde wig, and a suspicious amount of iPhone plugging.

When Guiding Light went off the air, IMDb tells us that after CBS auditioned three old game shows: $1,000,000 Pyramid, The Dating Game and Let's Make A Deal. If this was the best, can you imagine how the other shows went?