When something comes along that combines the worst aspects of white people, YouTube videos, soundwaves, and human interaction, it's easy to see that Satan has a sense of humor.

After a completely non-sensical intro that features sexxxy ladies, the song begins. The awful, staccato beat is a good sign that you're in for something memorable. Then RAED opens his mouth, and your ear drums begin to quiver—you hear his voice. It can be likened to a cross between William Hung and Right Said Fred, but worse. Way worse. It's easy to see why someone would want to turn off the song now, but it's just as easy to see why they don't. The song is that bad. It's so offensively bad, that it's a stretch to classify what is going on as music.

It's hard to imagine how the girls in the video kept a straight face while RAED attempts to rap and read cue cards at the same time.

Raed has two albums and a limousine full of ladies. How many rap albums a lady-filled limousines do you have? Yeah, I thought so.

[via Dlisted]