Good news, White People: there will be more of you than of other people for eight more years than previously predicted! The Census Bureau says White People will remain the majority in America until 2050, thanks to 9/11.

Yes, 9/11! And also this epic financial crisis thing. There has been a drop in immigration in this country, lately, because we strengthened some of our immigration policies, and also fewer people actually want to move here, because have you seen how miserable and fat and lazy most of us are? And also we complain so much!

You may think this is wonderful new for racists, but it's actually something of a mixed bag. 2050 seems like a long time from now, right? Why bother being scared of Mexicans forcing your grandchildren to pledge allegiance to Selena's Ghost "en espanolo" when by the time it is supposed to happen, the Socialist Obama Americorps ACORN shock troops will have already relocated you to your FEMA death camp? The whole "in a dozen years there will be more Hispanic babies than adorable perfect white babies named Jaden" thing has always been a great way for crypto-racists to awaken the latent racism of potential voters, because it just sounds bad, like someone is going to beat up your baby or something, but now that will not even happen until 2031.

So thanks, terrorists and the financial sector, for saving white people, from themselves (and from Mexicans).