On tonight's episode of The Jay Leno Show, Snooki, The Situation and Pauly D continued their week-long domination of American television by facing off in a "Battle of the Jersey Shore All Stars" segment. And, yes—they were horrible.

The segment began with Leno giving the group names of famous Italians and asking them to elaborate a bit. The only one they knew anything about? Paulie Walnuts. UNICO must be so proud.

Later, Leno asked Snooki where the UN was. Her response? "The United Nations." After Leno clarified that the question was about the organization's location, and after he gave Snooki a hint by telling her that it's located where she lives, she guessed again: "Albany."

Other highlights: Snooki thought Vice President Biden's last name was Crohn, nobody knew who Frank Sinatra was, Snooki asserted that Reagan's "Tear down this wall!" was in reference to the "Denver Dam," and—in the best moment from the segment—Snooki incorrectly identified Moammar Gadhafi as Lionel Richie.

Video of the full segment, below.

But, let's be honest here for a second. It's pretty obvious that about 90% of this was planned. Not to say that this sort of ridiculous idiocy isn't entertaining, but watching the Jersey Shore crew in a natural, improvisational setting—like on last night's broadcast of The Tonight Show—is even better.

[The Jay Leno Show]