Fine, here: Jamie Jungers, the most desperate of the Tiger Woods love interests, is being repped by incompetent superflack (and Douche candidate) Ronn [sic] Torossian's 5WPR. We're told this was filmed right in the 5W office. Seems right. CLARIFICATION:

Ronn Torossian emailed us: "5W PR does not represent Jamie Jungers." Oh? Why is she representing multiple 5WPR clients all of a sudden? "We absolutely do not represent her, haven't and won't. Thankfully many celebrities on a regular basis enjoy our clients products," Torossian replied.

So we asked him, is the ad we posted not set in 5WPR's office? Why was she there? And why is she also 'representing' your vodka company client? And why are your employees pitching her endorsements of your clients to reporters? And were you not involved in pushing out the story about her looking at real estate in Manhattan? What exactly is your arrangement with her? And Ronn replied, "We don't represent her. She didn't do any endorsement deal other than which was paid our clients. were involved with. We regularly pitch items of people with our clients products to media." He then added, "I have no further comment. We don't represent her and haven't and won't."


So there you have it. Although we did get this email the other day, so Jamie is getting some free promotion, if nothing else.

Hi Gabriel,

I thought you might be interested in the below. Let me know if you'd like the hi-res images, thanks!

Alleged Tiger Woods Mistress Shows Us Her "O-Face"

One of the Tiger cubs, Jamie Jungers, has been making her way around New York City this week, and was pictured at a private tasting event making her "O-Face" with a bottle of Three-O Root Beer Vodka.

Guess she's hoping to remind the golf star what he's missing?

Account Executive
5W Public Relations