He may be tops with the teabaggers but the professional maniac's is at the bottom of the real estate market. He paid $4.2 million for the New Canaan, Connecticut, estate in 2005. But he's now willing to sell at $3.9 million.

The 8,720 square foot house on 2.8 acres has six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, fireplaces, a swimming pool, and a lake view. But if you live here, you'll have trouble getting to sleep with the ghost of Glenn Beck moaning "Goooollllldd! Gooooollllddd! Gooooolllldddddd!" every night. Is that really worth it?

No clue on why he's getting rid of it, especially when he is going to lose money doing so. Maybe his six foot wall to keep out the poors isn't high enough. Or maybe he wants to be closer to the "real America." After all, Connecticut is for liberals, fairies, and—well, not much else.

Let's mosey around the property, shall we?

Here is the front of the colonial home. It's just like its owner, conservative, white, too-large, and boring. And, yes, that gate won't even keep a chihuahua out of the driveway.

The grounds sure look mighty nice. Beck was going to use this field as a graveyard for America's fallen. Guess he'll have to find another place for it.

In his spare time, Beck used to pretend the lake in his backyard was the Rio Grande, and he would shoot imaginary Mexicans wading across it.

Sorry, but the hot tub in Glenn Beck's pool is even nastier than the one on Jersey Shore. We wouldn't get in there wearing someone else's skin. And just imagine who Ann Coulter "entertained" in that tub while house sitting.