Today at Gawker.TV, Joy Behar interviews her SNL-impersonator, Snoop Dogg promotes his new GPS system, Steven Seagall's TV show effectively displays his insanity, bizarro Andy Kaufman sings with sheep, and a drunken 4-year-old ruins Christmas for all of his neighbors.

Drunk 4-Year Old Steals His Neighborhood's Presents, Ruins Christmas
Straight from last night's local news outta Chattanooga, Tennessee: an inebriated little boy steals Christmas from all of his neighbors. Scrooge-in-the-making or future alcoholic? You decide.

Every Snoop Dogg Interview This Week: Condensed!
Snoop's been on a publicity frenzy this week. So far, he's been on Colbert, Wendy Williams, Conan, and the View. Friday, he'll be on Jimmy Kimmel. Can you guess which questions Jimmy and Snoop Dogg will be exchanging? We can.

We Have Found the Eastern European Answer to Andy Kaufman
Just when you thought Estonia couldn't get any wackier...think again. From the moment the video opens with a lone sheep and "rage" on the screen, you know you're in for a treat. Someone finally topped the Mighty Mouse performance.

Joy Behar Awkwardly Interviews Her SNL Doppelgänger
Worlds collided on last night's Joy Behar Show when Joy invited on Fred Armisen, her SNL impersonator. During the awkward interview, Joy berated her doppelgänger for his age and ethnic identity, exclaiming a few "So what?! Who cares?!" for fun.

The Faux-Zen Wisdom of Steven Seagal
On Steven Seagal: Lawman, we see that Steve isn't just a Zen Kung-Fu Police Master, he also happens to be an excellent marksman. But is he an excellent teacher? Ehhh, not so much.