Tonight, NBC aired a two-hour SNL primetime special, A Very Gilly Christmas, starring everyone's least favorite Kristen Wiig character. It was mostly a showcase of great Holiday-themed sketches of the past, but Gilly—and others—made some new, unfunny appearances.

Here, in order of its appearance in the special, is every new sketch from tonight's show—with a Hanukkah bonus for our Jewish readers.

Onto the gallery!

Opening Sketch
The show opened with a typical Gilly sketch, with—in our opinion—only one funny line. (Make your guess in the comments as to which part we liked.) Also included: the Gilly theme song, performed by a full choir.

Gilly and Steve Martin
Next up: Steve Martin introduces one of his classic Christmas sketches, with a bit of Gilly mischief.

Gilly's Gift
Back at Bridgewater Elementary, Gilly surprises her teacher with a present (and something else).

Gilly Hits the Slopes
Not much to say about this one, as the title does it more than enough justice.

The Ghost of Gilly
Back—once again—at Bridgewater Elementary, Gilly's teacher awakens to a supernatural annoyance.

Alec Baldwin, Finally
In the first—and only—new material of the night that was Gilly-free, Alec Baldwin introduces his classic Schweddy Balls sketch.

Gilly's Goodbye
Gilly and company closed the show with another typical Gilly-being-mischievous moment.

The Hanukkah Song
Because tonight's special was mostly about Christmas, we thought it'd be nice to throw in a classic SNL moment for all of our Jewish friends: Adam Sandler's historical performance of The Hanukkah Song during the Weekend Update section of a December, 1994 episode.

Happy Holidays!