After a harrowing touch-and-go period of silence marked by much prayer and stress ball-handling amongst the populace, the Hot Sexxxy Lesbian Teacher story has risen again! The new angle has nothing to do with lesbian teachers. But still, they're back!

The original story of the two comely ladies indulging their Sapphic desires right there in the classroom was sin-sational; but further investigation only revealed bits and pieces of implied sexxxiness, and the only real development since then came when another female teacher at the same school was implicated in a sexxxy sexting scandal, with a student. But with some digging, the Daily News has now turned up this fact: There is also a horny male employee, at that school! The 62 year-old male assistant principal is "accused of sexual harassment." That's all we know. Oh, and this:

James Madison High School was dubbed "Horndog High" after scandal swept the corridors last week.

The Daily News makes up the nickname one week, then reports it as news the next week. Then they illustrated this barely-related story with a large photo of the three attractive scandalized women at the school preceding the smaller photo of the actual subject of the story.
Stay tuned for more sexxxy tabloid science!
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