In your freezing Friday media column: Greg Mitchell goes rock-n-roll, 2009 was a dangerous year for reporters, Ted Koppel still chilling out, and your daily local newspaper wingnuttery.

E&P editor Greg Mitchell is still trying to save the probably-dead mag, but here is his backup side project: "An Incompleat History of Rock 'n Roll." Really!

68 journalists worldwide were killed in 2009, according to a CPJ report, the most ever.


Will Ted Koppel be the man to replace George Steph at ABC's 'This Week?' Koppel says ABC hasn't contacted him yet! Well that's exactly what everyone would have thought. So, no surprises to be found in this item. Sorry.

Haha, the newspaper in Santa Barbara published some nut's editorial calling for a bounty to be put on Obama's head, and now the paper is apologizing. "The column is indefensible and the proper measures have been taken to ensure such hatred is never published again." Hey, it got you on Romenesko, though, so it's a push.