It's been twenty wonderful years (some more wonderful than others) that The Simpsons have been caricatures of the American dream. What better way to celebrate than in song? Here are the greatest Simpsons musical numbers from the show's auspicious run.

We Do (The Stonecutters Anthem) Homer becomes a member of a secret society where everybody sings in a manly barritone.

Monorail "You know a town with money is a little like a mule with a spinning wheel. Nobody knows how he got it, damned if he knows how to use it." Truer words have never been spoken, The Simpsons were never the same after the tragic loss of Phil Hartman.

Planet of the Apes The Musical Troy Mclure, a fine actor and fish fetishist takes on his greatest role ever.

Who Needs the Kwik-E-Mart? Apu's biggest lie is also his shining moment. Thank you, come again.

See My Vest Mr. Burns may have no love in his heart for the little things, but the way he exclaims it is so catchy.

HMS Pinafore Kelsey Grammar may not be able to hold a post-Frasier sitcom, but he always held a tune as Sideshow Bob.