Are you working, still? Seriously? Get to the bar, ASAP! But before you go, click on some of this stuff, maybe?

There was stuff about the Skull and Bones and stuff about the Scientologists. Glenn Beck learned an important lesson.

It was nice out on Monday, but no one told the bankers!

We called Joe Lieberman names. We called Facebook names. (And we explained how to fix the thing they did to us, with the privacy.) We examined Twitter-quitting celebrities. We listed things not to get people. Kelly Ripa said something ribald about Anderson Cooper! Sort of!

Oral Roberts died and went to hell.

We are voting for Douche of the Decade! Is it YOU? (Probably! Unless you are Bill O'Reilly!)

Noah Cyrus made us feel bad.

Everyone is crazy, basically, these days.

Oh, and more stuff with the Facebook! And Snooki: is it just a performance?

Annoying people have to go hang out and be annoying in other places, now.

Oh, no, Ronn [sic] Torossian inserted himself into the Tiger Woods thing. Ugh.

Meg Whitman has terrible children.

There Will Be Blood won the decade! Hooray for the decade!