While watching tonight's episode of The Soup, we had a case of serious déjà vu (more on that after the jump). Luckily for us, though, McHale and Co.'s hilarious clip from the SYTYCD finale brought us back to reality.

So, about that déjà vu... tonight's episode—the first half of it, at least—seemed oddly familiar. McHale opened the show with a segment about The Sing-off and explained the "three things [he] learned" while watching before playing a montage of Nick Lachey's multiple explanations of a cappella. Then, he did a segment about Jersey Shore, including bits about MTV's decision not to air the footage of Snooki being punched and the cast's appearance on the Spike TV Video Game Awards. Next, he took us to the White House for Oprah's Christmas special with the Obamas and played a clip of the First Lady and the Queen of Daytime fawning over Bo, the family dog. And finally, he pondered the genius that is Steven Seagal: Lawman.

If any of the aforementioned sounds familiar to you, too, it's because it was all covered this week, right here on Gawker.TV! (Click the links in the previous paragraph to be taken to the relevant posts). We think this is awesome. A bit flattering, too—even if McHale and his team have not yet stumbled upon the shop we've set up here. Which brings us to our final point on the subject: Joel, if you're out there, stop by and stay for a while. We'll even make you one of our coveted starred commenters! Think about it. Ruminate. Whatever.

With that said, let's now watch what we think was the funniest moment from tonight's show that we hadn't yet seen. In this clip, McHale recaps the SYTYCD finale brilliantly, quickly running through a list of WTF moments that were planned parts of the show before playing an even bigger one that was definitely not on the agenda.


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