Wow. Talk about burying the lede. Obama and Clinton went BAD. ASS on some sucka climate change opposition. The two've been chipping away at this Copenhagen summit, but it took them busting down a door to get things "handled." Observe:

Via the New York Times, our president announced that there had been an "unprecedented breakthrough" on climate change, negotiated between five major nations last night after taking matters into his own hands. Forget that the negotiation didn't mean much ("bare minimum"). When addressing all of this, Obama appeared to have been dusting himself off from dispatching with some bullshit-bullshit. Some Chinese bullshit:

Mr. Obama's announcement came late in a day that began with his 11-minute address to world leaders shortly after noon, and that was filled with brinksmanship and 11th-hour negotiations. Mr. Obama, whose speech included remarks that appeared pointed at China's resistance to mechanisms for monitoring emissions reductions, met privately with Prime Minister Wen Jiabao afterward. But Mr. Wen did not attend two smaller, impromptu meetings during the day that Mr. Obama and United States officials conducted with the leaders of other world powers, an apparent snub that infuriated administration officials and their European counterparts.

Right? Who do they think they are? Or rather, who the hell do they think they're trying to pull a fast one on? If you don't know, now you know, China:

The deal eventually came together after a dramatic moment in which Mr. Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton burst into a meeting of the Chinese, Indian and Brazilian leaders, according to senior administration officials. Mr. Obama said he did not want them negotiating in secret.

The intrusion led to new talks that cemented central terms of the deal, American officials said.

For those who can't picture it, a dramatic reenactment:

Do not try to get one past us, or The U.S., sneaky people. We will kick in your doors and then your faces in order to reduce everyone's long-term greenhouse gas emissions. Sayonara, mothafuckas. Music, please:

[Photo via Getty Images, Tip via Ant DeRosa.]