Who does this cat think s/he is?! Riding around on a self-cleaning device, taking swipes at anything that crosses its path. It's pretty safe to say that cats are the jerks of the domesticated animal kingdom.

What makes this animal on animal abuse even more heinous, is checking this YouTube user's channel. That pitbull, he has a name. His name is Sharky. There are about 50 videos on there of Sharky being the cutest, most gentle animal on the face of the planet. Seriously, look at this.

And now this cat, who isn't even that cute, jumps on a robot vacuum and starts abusing him? This can not stand. He should've taken off his sweater, knocked that stupid cat off it's Roomba (which probably doesn't even belong to the cat, btw), and restored order to the animal kingdom by giving it a paw to the dome.

[YouTube via Dlisted]