Adam Lambert just wrapped up an appearance on The Jay Leno Show. In the best bits, Lambert talks about dropping out of college, not being "plucked" for Idol, the AMAs controversy and Bill O'Reilly's rumor about him. Also: Lambert's performance.

Dropping Out: Here, Lambert discusses what happened after he dropped out of college after only five weeks, including a retelling of his parents' reactions.

What The Pluck: Next, Lambert answers Leno's question about whether or not he was "plucked" from somewhere to compete on American Idol. A cute-but-awkward conversation between him and Leno—full of double entendres—then ensues

Crotch Controversy: Lambert's controversial performance at the American Music Awards, ABC's reaction to it and Lambert's response to the network's subsequent decisions is discussed in this clip.

Rumor Control: In this clip, Leno allows Lambert to clear up a couple of rumors about himself: 1) that he's creating a makeup line and 2) that he's feuding with his father. Lambert has a couple of choice words for Bill O'Reilly, whom he blames for starting the second rumor.

Performance: Finally, video of Lambert's end-of-show performance of his new single, "Whataya Want From Me."

[The Jay Leno Show]