Operation Repo is a TruTV goldmine that follows repo-men (and women) as they re-enact automobile repossessions. Many ridiculous tactics are used by the reposessee to keep the car. They always fail. But last night's tactic takes the cake.

To set the scene, it was a cool, breezy suburban night. The obvious calm before the storm. The repo team was taking a pregnant woman's car who, for whatever reason, stopped making payments. When she discovers that her car will be repossessed, she throws a tantrum (as they all do). However, this tantrum was about to get juicy. In the midst of pleading....her water breaks! Holy crap, what a mess. But was that really her water breaking, or was she pulling some kind of inconceivable ruse?

She faked her whole damn pregnancy to keep her car. Seriously, it's hard to believe that anything like this has ever happened on television. After they called the ambulance and found out she wasn't pregnant, they tried to "cancel the order," like an ambulance was a double cheeseburger.

Obviously, they take her car, as they always do. And the poor woman is left with nothing but her dignity a pillow. Exit stage left.