Little Chocolatiers, as we've already covered, is the newest little people exploitation project on TLC. Well it premiered last night, and the verdict is in—this show should not be on television.

TLC has already completely cornered the market on little people shows, but somehow believes that the public's craving for dwarfsploitation is insatiable. Little People, Big World, the first television show to document the world of dwarves, delved into the lives of a family of little people trying to cope in a world where they didn't quite fit in. It had a premise, it had heart, and most of all, it was trying to make a point. Little Chocolatiers, on the other hand, is just an exercise in point and look television. Little people and chocolate is entertaining because...TV!

It just seems like an ill-conceived joke from TLC directed at the subjects as well as the viewers. The couple running the store, Steve Hatch and his wife Katie Masterson, are put in numerous situations where their ailment is exploited. Can she build a cake that's taller than her? Can they possibly break away from the all-too-often made Oompa Loompa comparison? Will they be able to see over the counter to serve customers? In this recession, how can they make their company grow? So many demeaning questions!

The trials and tribulations of a couple's chocolate store does not make for entertaining television, and throwing little people in the mix doesn't make it any more compelling. Little Chocolatiers, any way you look at it, is a big miss.