Today at Gawker.TV, Betty White's a party animal, Little Chocolatiers has no business being on TV, Operation Repo highlights ways to get out of car repossession, Julian Casablancas gets down on Late Night, the best of Jimmy Kimmel's unnecessary censorship.

Julian Casablancas, Jimmy Fallon, & Horatio Sans Perform I Wish It Was Christmas Today
The Strokes' Julian Casablancas performed his holiday single "I Wish It Was Christmas Today" on yesterday's Late Night. A newly-trimmed-down Horatio Sans and Jimmy joined him onstage, dressed in the same holiday sweaters worn in the original SNL sketch.

Lessons in Pregnant Trickery on Operation Repo
Operation Repo is a TruTV goldmine that follows repo-men (and women) as they re-enact automobile repossessions. Many ridiculous tactics are used by the reposessee to keep the car. They always fail. But last night's tactic takes the cake.

Jimmy Kimmel Live Recaps the Decade in Unnecessary Censorship
One of Kimmel's best features is taking a clip, and bleeping or blurring it to take it wayyyy out of context. This is the best of the decade, and yes, it involves Grover receiving a handjob.

Little Chocalatiers is a Show Why, Exactly?
Little Chocolatiers, as we've already covered, is the newest little people exploitation project on TLC. Well it premiered last night, and the verdict is in-this show should not be on television.

Betty White: 87 Years Old and Has More Balls Than You Do!
Betty White, a regular on The Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson, came on last night dressed as Santa Claus. What came out of her mouth, however, was not so PG-rated. Ganja-talk, parties, and euphemisms to male anatomy? Oh my!