Did you know that TMZ has its own TV show? Well, it does! Seriously. And the best part about TMZ TV? It's basically a glorified staff meeting—starring Ms. Harvey Levin, of course. Here's a peek inside today's show.

Every morning—bright and early—Levin enters the TMZ offices, coffee in hand (always with a straw for him to play with), and begins to plan the day for TMZ.com with his staff full of randoms. The result of this meeting—held in what we like to call the "War Room," on account of the glass board/neon markers that Levin seems fond of—is basically what airs on TV later that day. Compelling programming, no?

Because something like this is better seen than read, we've decided to show you the opening sequence from today's broadcast. Watch as Harvey et al. discuss Brittany Murphy, Rachel Uchitel, Tiger Woods, Paris Hilton, Kevin Jonas, Gloria Allred (Ha) and Harrison Ford—all in under 90 seconds.

We'd say a little bit more about our opinion of TMZ TV, but we think this screengrab of Levin sums it up perfectly.